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A Never Ending Story

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"[...]Thousands of flowers, trees and all kind of plants were inviting you to follow the way, on the paths covered by perfectly round or colored or transparent rocks.

You could always see the emperor’s birds above your head. They were beautiful and graceful. There were wrens and humming birds, chicks and flamingos, seagulls, peacocks, pheasants and large beaks toucans that scrunch everything they catch, herons and swallows, parrots and many, many others that some people have not seen in their entire lifes. That was all that noblemen and ordinary people have known about the emperor’s gardens.

However, everyone has expected that, once in eight years the emperor to open the gardens gates and the ones that entered to embark on a great adventure. But it was not an easy thing to travel the emperor’s gardens and the brave ones had to return (if they ever returned) with the eggs of the emperor’s favourite bird. Birds’s name was Thick-billed Murre and it looked like The Great Auks. Those who returned without eggs were beheaded.

So, after enough hustle and bustle, the crucial day was coming. Many princes and knights were waiting at the gardens gates, some of them astride horses, some unmounted, some old men who probably had forgotten their age, some Amazons, even three mermaids. But there were also a young man and a young lady, waiting in one corner, along with a runt that they called Suchi.

In this story, we will follow the young lady and the young man in their adventure because we got bored of all these princes and knights, Amazons and even old men that appear in most fairy tales. They were the only ones that wanted to be a part of the great adventure just for their own pleasure and not because they had expected some reward. They wanted to dicover many interesting things and to enjoy every day spent in the gardens without having the assertion that they would ever find the eggs so much desired  by the emperor. They were not interested in what would happen after this adventure...They were together and they would enjoy all the things they would have to see.[...]"

Original concept by InaStoryland
Text by Cristina Biciila
Design and illustrations by Kihi-Kiha