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"[...] While she was flapping her little shoes, Surlalune looked fascinated at Julieta’s hands that were illuminated by the moonbeams. Those tiny hands, with fine, thin fingers seemed to have many stories to tell. She just could not understand how exactly those hands that have seen and done so many things and that were very well known and desired and hold by another famous hands, came to her. And, surprise…Juliette wanted to be like her. She could never have thought of this that way. That time, she had not considered all the mathematical possibilities of her meeting with Juliette. Not her was the one who had to find and meet Juliette, but the other way round. She knew she was successful in fulfilling her dreams, but she didn’t know she was that famous…

 -   J'ai eu de l'aide. Connais-tu Ana et Radu? Ils m'ont racconté beaucoup de choses sur toi. Moi aussi j'ai des yeux pour lire et des oreilles pour écouter. Ce n'etait pas toi qui voulait rencontrer le grand Monsieur Radu Cosasu? Et ce souhait a été accompli l'année dernière, lors du ton anniversaire. Quelles autres preuves demandes-tu en plus? Sylvie Guillem vient danser dans ton pays, penses-tu que c'est juste par hasard? N'était ce pas cela ton souhait?

Well, yes, said Surlalune, still not too convinced. She was wondering if all the things said by Juliette were true. Of course, Ana and Radu were her friends but was she able to fulfill all of her wishes? Was she endowed to do this? And how could she help Juliette? How could she start doing this? [...]"

Original concept by InaStoryland
Text by Cristina Biciila
Design and illustrations by Kihi-Kiha