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Interview for Life

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"[...] Souls were, as usual, gathered in a large, bright room, with soft, fluffy clouds, sofas, fresh flowers that filled the room with a delicate smell of lilies-of-the-valley and lilac. The music and the words knit in a pleasant womb, like they were announcing something. It was an important moment for them…

The souls were quiet, obedient but anxious. They were sitting in-line to wait their turn, each at one queue.

Meanwhile, other souls had entered the room and seated each one on a sofa, ready to discuss with every solicitous for the final selection.

- Your name will be Oliver Clodi, and your parents names will be…But he didn’t ended his words because the soul got up and said:

Well…, next. We have only the two of you, isn’t it? [...]"

Original concept by InaStoryland
Text by Cristina Biciila
Design and illustrations by Adina Costea