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"[...] The landscape turned into a labyrinth with greenery walls that outran Ioana’s height. Ioana tried to climb the walls and to be aware of the place she was and how could she find the exit, but without any success. The branches were way too wispy in order to upstay her. It was pretty scary, but Ioana were brave by nature and she did not worry too much. She has read Alice in Wonderland and she was familiar with the spells from Harry Potter, so she was ready for anything. She only thought that, in those moments, she needed a little magic too…this way, it would have been an equal fight just in case Voldemort or White Witch or God knows what other evil character could appear.

Piano music could be heard getting louder and louder and Ioana started humming. As she started humming the first musical notes, some green bushes had disappered. Such a curious thing! She tried once again and the labyrinth’s rooms lined up, the greenery became more friendly. So she had magic…The plesant piano music helped her. Ioana have known that the play was called Traumerei and was written by Schumann even if she did not hear it before.

As she approached the piano, even if she could not see it, Ioana felt that she was wrapped in music and magic. She was happy, light and she was smiling. She was not sure if she walked or floated, she was singing Traumerei and her fingers were moving as if they already played an imaginary piano.

- I was waiting for you. Hermione stood up in front of the piano, she craned a little bit, she raveled her fingers, she closed them then she opened them and finally she invited Ioana to take a seat.

- But I cannot play, said Ioana, full of feverish.

- Just try it. It’s magic, Hermione answered. Music is a spell which envelops everyone who has an innocent and beautiful soul. And you are one of them. Do you think there was just a fact that you desired a piano for your birthday? I tell you that you were Chosen to want it. Take a look around and you will see that most of your friends: Andra, Marta, Clara, Raluca wanted another type of presents. Worthful, of course, but they were not Chosen for the music, for piano. Please give it a try. Play the piano and you will see that you will discover more and more beautiful things, you will be surrounded by beautiful and kind people. Music will open a new path for you and it will embellish your life. But you have to know this will not be easy…It’s like in magic. At Hogwarts, we are also Chosen but not all of us become good. It’s about the passion you are able to put in and it’s all about working hard. This is what you have to prepare for.[...]"

Original concept by InaStoryland
Text by Cristina Biciila
Design and illustrations by Adina Costea