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The Shimmering of the Eyes

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A blinking light caught Trutzi's eye while he was sitting on the carpet just to catch his breath, keeping the yellow car in his mouth.
He has turned to it: the light came from a little mirror that reflected the sun rays. Trutzi picked it, then he looked in the mirror, but he saw the image of a blue, clear, beautiful lake with colourful fish, placed in the middle of a green field, lighted by a bright sun instead of seeing the face of a blonde, smiling boy.
Trutzi was sitting on the shore happily watching the fish movement when he thought someone was behind him.
He was not afraid because he was a brave and strong boy, in the first place and because all seemed to be safe and warm, in the second place.
- Who are you? Trutzi asked the white beard stranger who wore a long, white dress and who was coming to him.
- I am your guardian and caretaker, answered the stranger while kindly smiled and joined the boy.
- I am a fisherman. And I like fish too.
- What guardian means?
- A guardian is someone who takes care of you and watches over you. And I am one of the greatest guardians, I am the most closest to the Light and my name is Petru.
- Like me…

Original concept by InaStoryland
Text by Cristina Biciila
Design and illustrations by Adina Costea