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The princess with long hair

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"[...] Once upon a time, there was an old witch who had a daughter. Her daughter was so ugly that even the three-headed dragon that lived nearby did not notice her.

One could not looked at her because she had crossed eyes and a big nose that covered her thin lips and her small mouth full of rotten teeth, so one would better shift one’s gaze, do a cross and thank God one is a normal person. But the witch wanted at all costs to marry her daughter with the most beautiful prince in the entire world and, because her power was limited and she could not do a thing in order to embellish her daughter, she decided to change all beautiful princesses in the world in some ugly ones or at least, to make them to be ‘unmarriageable’.

So, when her daughter reached the age of 15, the witch started her malefic plan. All the pretty girls, especially the princesses, were turned into some horridnesses so your heart could ache and your soul could freeze.

There were so much pain and grief so people became mean and selfish and the youngsters and the princes that wanted to get married started wars and quarrels between families. The witch was very glad and she started to show her daughter to the world, hoping that maybe she could be spotted by a prince gone astray.

But one day, while she had flew on her swab above some faraway lands, she found out that in a country placed towards the end of the world, a very beautiful princess was still alive. She was such beautiful that if you looked at her, your soul and heart were filled with joy because you could thought God is certainly good if He could conceived such a beauty. "

Original concept by InaStoryland
Text by Cristina Biciila
Design and illustrations by Kihi-Kiha