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"Letter to Petra
The 11th of September 2013

Dear Petra,

We know that your wish is to be a real Fairy, therefore we decided to help you and to teach you what you have to do, as a gift for your birthday.
There are many real Fairies and they live among us but this is a GREAT SECRET that few people know.

They have no magic wands, they have no wings and they cannot fly like the fairies you know from the tales. Real fairies do a lot of good things, they love those around them, they help people, they are happy, optimistic, they do believe in what they do and they work hard in order to fulfill their wishes and to help the others. They have a different magic. So are your mother and your grandmother. Just think about it…
You feel better when you are not all right or when you are sick and your mother embraces you, don’t you?
And don’t you feel that pain almost glides away if your mother kisses the place where you hurt when you injure yourself? This is magic! The moments when you would like to have a toy and your mother brings it home as if she had read your mind. This is also magic…

Actually, things are not as simple as they are in the stories. It takes a lot of will, ambition, self confidence and love for life.
These are the rules that a real Fairy has to accomplish. Moreover, they have to be smart, to read a lot and to learn as many things as possible in order to share them with others.
It all starts from childhood, when little girls fall in love with tales. Tales have this mission to pave the way for the real world of fulfilled wishes. The difference between tales and the real world is that in tales wishes immediately come true, just using the magic wand, whereas in real life, you could wait for days, months or even years.
The most important thing is that little girls to believe in themselves, in their imagination and to do everything they can in order to make their wishes come true [...]"