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A Play as a Gift

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Bobo The Dog

Maichita The Frog

Alexander The Parrot

Nemo The Fish

Other animals (Printesa The Parrot, Ducesa The Cat, Sasha The Fish, Codita Scurta The Fish, Jane The Fish)


The first Scene

(Alessia, Bobo)

In a cold winter-spring day, Alessia and Bobo were sitting in front of a building that seemed to be locked. They seemed to be frozen by cold and waiting.

ALESSIA: You said it will be open and they will be waiting for us. But no one seems to be here…

BOBO: So they told me yesterday, you know the artists, especially cats. I knew I shouldn’t trust them…Here is another proof…

ALESSIA: But did you tell them what do we want to do?

BOBO: Of course I told them. I also told them that they will take advantage from this show. I know that nowadays nobody does anything for free. They seemed to be interested about the idea, moreover, they have suggested me that one of them could participate at the show. She told me she is extremely talented. (Bobo smiled ironically)

As if would be possible…

ALESSIA: Well, we will see what we are going to do, but I think we should go now. I about froze. [...]"

Original concept by InaStoryland
Text by Cristina Biciila
Design and illustrations by Adina Costea